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Why Do We Say “Big Red Barn,” but “Red Big Barn” Sounds Wrong?


An interesting article on adjective ordering

Also related is this Tom Scott video on adjective ordering. The generalization that adjectives seem to be ordered the same way across a wide variety of languages is the type of data used as evidence for a cartographic approach to linguistics: detailed typological surveys of how aspects of language do or do not vary in very specific ways. 

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Do you ever just get something and think: This. This is it. This is my new favourite thing.

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Do you ever just get something and think: This. This is it. This is my new favourite thing.


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"OK so building off that previous heist ask, if you had to assemble a team of professional hockey players (doesn't have to be nhl) to pull off a heist (maybe breaking into the hockey hall of fame to STEAL THE STANLEY CUP, but you could go for something else if you want), who would you pick and why?"

first of all, i feel like this question understands who and what i am on a fundamental level. IF YOU CAN’T WIN IT, STEAL IT. anyway, i’m not saying that i definitely already have a list of hockey players i’d call on to help me steal the stanley cup, but i’m saying it’s possible that i do. 

with no further ado:

  1. martin st. louis. the man is small, fast, and i’ll bet could fit under a moving room service trolly when the rest of us dressed up like waiters. DON’T ASK ME WHY WE’RE DRESSED UP LIKE WAITERS, OK, I AM NOT THE MASTERMIND.

  2. the sedin twins. i don’t know exactly what situation will call on us to have someone appear to be in two different places at the same time, but i’m certain that the situation will arise, and then i will be ready.

  3. shannon szabados. you want someone who’s not afraid of anything and who’s probably at least a little bit crazy??? get a goalie. get shannon szabados, because she is both of those things and she has great hair.

  4. alexander ovechkin. i am so totally sure that a time will come when we need someone to be a distraction and if there is one thing that i have full confidence alexander ovechkin can pull off, it’s “walk into a room and make sure everyone is giving you their complete attention.”

  5. jocelyn and monique lamoureux. every crack team needs some muscle, and what i appreciate about these ladies is that they do it with flair. also, since they play women’s hockey where technically they’re not allowed to hit people, they’re extra sneaky.

  6. sidney crosby. the man’s the best playmaker in the game right now, so he’s obviously going to be our mastermind. but HERE’S THE CATCH: i have a feeling that sidney crosby would totally tell on us to gary bettman for, idk, disrespecting the sanctity of the stanley cup. so i would enders game the shit out of him. “oh, mr. crosby, i’m just writing a children’s book about a team of hockey players who steal the stanley cup, haha, isn’t that cute? so cute. just wondering: how would you do it, if you did it? it’s for fiction, this isn’t real.” GOTCHA, CROSBY.

  7. jonathan quick. have you SEEN how flexible that man is?! heist movies always require a flexible dude to fit into small spaces and dodge lasers. jquick is that dude.
  8. eddie lack. if it all goes to shit, i’m just going to throw eddie lack at the authorities. nobody’s going to arrest eddie lack. look at him. look at him for five minutes just living his normal life and tell me you’re willing to put him away.


guys, come on. jmfj would never participate in this kind of thing. jmfj obeys the law. jmfj respects uncle sam. (jmfj is driving the getaway car.)


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Josh Ho-Sang’s shootout goal at Biosteel Camp [x]

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THANKS A TON, thechroniclesofawkwardness. likeapond, we’re not friends on facebook, so i asked the blackhawks fairy to deliver the message. 

if you want to donate to ALS research, here is one of many places you can do it. you can also look for something more local. whatever you can do is what you can do, and don’t let anyone make you feel shitty if you can’t donate. if someone gives u shit, u send ‘em my way, and tell ‘em i’m a biter.


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puckling asked

"Have you eaten a real dinner this week? I have low standards re: your dinners, so rice and beans counts."

in fact i had literally rice and beans every night this week except tuesday when i had a ceasar salad WITH SHRIMP IN IT so it looks like i totally

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hey all! so i hit a frankly stupid follower benchmark this week, and i’m still pretty convinced you’re all going to hit it and quit it when you realize where you are, BUT if you want to come to my inbox and G2K The Blogger, it’s a half day so i have time to hang out over i dump ice on my head. PLUS I WANNA GET TO KNOW ALL OF U AND UR BEAUTIFUL FACES (<- icons).

also illinois weather is The Worst so it looks like i may be stuck inside with my nose pressed against the window singing avril lavigne’s “complicated” to the storm clouds so i might as well drag all u losers down with me

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so sorry for my delayed response to this email, i have been very swamped being a confused and frightened idiot who can’t do basic life tasks like respond to her emails

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